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City of Omaha - Nebraska

City of Omaha Finance DepartmentOmaha, Nebraska

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The Payroll Division provides for wage payments to employees, pension payments to retirees, and disbursement of deductions from these payments.  The division also maintains a paperless time and attendance reporting system.




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  Direct Deposit Auth/Change
  W4-P (Pension)
  Request For City Owned Cell Phone
  Personal Cell Phone Usage Reimbursement
  CMPTEC Sign Up
  ICMA Contribution Changes

  2016 City Pay Periods
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  2018 City Pay Periods
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  2020 City Pay Periods

  2007-2010 City Holiday Schedules
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City of Omaha Payroll Division
1819 Farnam St, Room 1008
Omaha NE 68183
Fax (402) 444-5457

Veronica Banks, Payroll Manager - (402) 444-4657
Cristen Cavel, Assistant Payroll Manager - (402) 444-5363
Jeanne Yates, Payroll Analyst - (402) 444-5422
Matthew Diederich, Payroll Analyst - (402) 444-5464
Gabriel McGrath, Information Systems Manager - (402) 444-5458
Amber Rich, Senior HRIS Analyst - (402) 444-5364
Deb Sander, Finance Administrator - (402) 444-7572


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