The Payroll Division provides for wage payments to employees, pension payments to retirees, and disbursement of deductions from these payments

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Andrew Brott, Budget Manager, (402) 444-6262

Don Drazdys, Accounting Manager, (402) 444-5460

Responsible for preparation of revenue and cost data for the current and immediate past fiscal years, as well as a financial plan for the next two years for all funds, departments, organizations, capital accounts, agencies and other budgetary accounts.

This division:

  • audits City fiduciary accounts
  • monitors grant monies
  • maintains general accounting records
  • performs inventory control for all City-owned real and personal properties


City of Omaha Grants

(Updated 2/12/2019)

Omaha Grants Management Handbook

Appendix A - Programmatic Desk Review Form

Appendix B - Fiscal Desk Audit Form

Appendix C - Subaward Risk Assessment Questionnaire

Appendix D - Audit Certification

Appendix E - FFATA Reporting Form

Appendix F - Quarterly Reimbursement Request Templates

Appendix G - Civil Rights Declaration

Grant Funded SUBRECIPIENT Travel 


Grants Funded CITY EMPLOYEE Travel